Pure Aotearoa New Zealand Honey

Around eighty percent of our flora is native to the country and some of the world’s finest mono-floral and poly-floral honeys are produced in New Zealand.

Our all - natural honey is gathered from the Awatere Valley, Wairau Valley and the Marlborough Sounds. As well as floral varieties such as Clover, Honey Dew and Blue Borage, we also provide highly prized active and bioactive Manuka honey from the country’s largest quality producers.


Pure Aotearoa Clover Honey

After a mild initial touch to the palate NZ Clover delivers a sweet, long-lasting after taste. New Zealand’s most widespread honey, the... More »
pure aotearoa nz clover honey

Pure Aotearoa Wild Flora Honey

Similar to Honey Dew in style, the Wild Flora is a mix of strong and mild native honeys. Sitting in the... More »
pure aotearoa nz wild flora honey

Pure Aotearoa Creamed Clover Honey

A light white colour, with a smooth velvety texture on the tongue, NZ Creamed Clover Honey has a delicious sweet taste and... More »
pure aotearoa nz creamed clover honey

Pure Aotearoa Blue Borage Honey

The mild, delicate taste of the Blue Borage honey means many people simply eat it by the spoonful. Sourced from the remote... More »
pure aotearoa nz blue borage honey

Pure Aotearoa Honey Dew

Thanks to the bark of the native black beech tree this dark honey has a thick consistency and a unique aroma... More »
pure aotearoa nz honey dew

Pure Aotearoa Manuka Honey

The Manuka bush is native to New Zealand, growing in remote, unspoilt areas of the countryside. The small, white flowers from this... More »
pure aotearoa nz manuka honey

Pure Aotearoa Manuka +5 Honey

The rating on this honey is in respect it’s increased levels of antibacterial activity. Known for its healing properties, the honey’s distinctive... More »
pure aotearoa nz manuka honey 5

Pure Aotearoa NZ Manuka Blend

Milder in taste than traditional Manuka honey, this dark amber blend is commonly a mix of the white flowered bush and other,... More »
pure aotearoa nz manuka blend honey

Littleneck Clams

Look out for our Littleneck Clams coming soon!

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